If It Hurts or Taste Bad You Are Doing It Wrong


Often times people don’t get started on their health and fitness journey because they believe it has to be torture. They either think that they have to starve themselves or beat themselves up with exercise. The truth is it is the exact opposite. Getting in your best shape ever will actually be more pleasurable then staying out of shape if you know how to do it right. Use the six foundational principles to get you into your best shape ever and enjoy the journey.

Put More FOOD In Your Food

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There are so many nonfoods on the market, people have lost the ability to make correct food choices. Billions of dollars have been spent on advertising in an effort to convince you that speed and convenience is better than quality. Here is a quick food-buying tip. If you need convincing to eat something, more than likely it is garbage. Good food does not need fancy advertising. How many commercials have you seen for Rolls Royce automobiles? They don’t need to advertise because everyone knows it is the best car that money can buy. How many commercials have you seen for organic fruits and vegetables? This is the same example. How many commercials do you see on a daily basis for fast food, boxed food, or fake food?  I rest my case.

You must establish a normal relationship with food. Your tastes and cravings for healthy foods must be reestablished. You must have a system for determining what foods are best for your individual metabolic type. You need to know what your metabolic type is.

Stuck On The Diet Roller Coaster?

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The easiest way to get off the roller coaster is to stop dieting, stop starving yourself, lift weights, focus on improving lean muscle mass, and feeding your body high energy fuel.


The Answer To This Question Could Save Your Life:

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Healthy Food

What is the number one thing that you do everyday to make sure you eat healthy? Post your answer below.

Pack Your Food

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The number one thing that anyone can do to ensure success in their health, fitness, and weight loss or any other endeavor related to their well being is to pack their food. If you rely on the food that is available to you on the go you will lose that battle every time. Pack your food, pack your food and pack your food!!

Sport Nutrition Tip:

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Over training raises cortisol and cortisol creates chronic blood sugar imbalances. A fluctuation in blood sugar depletes your nutritional reserve, causing you to crave the wrong types of food such as sugar. You have two choices you can learn how to manage your training, lifestyle and diet or you can try to chase symptoms with supplements, medication and quick fixes. One choice will lead to long time success in your training and the other choice will lead to long term frustration.

In Season vs. Off Season

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An athlete’s diet in season and off season can vary just as much as the conditions of their sports vary from in season to off season. The athlete must be aware of their nutritional needs when changing environments, time zones, weather situations and any other stresses that could possibly increase demand in terms of nutritional reserve. By taking a holistic approach to sports performance, athletes will put themselves in the best position to maintain peak performance throughout the entire season and throughout their career.

Taking Action Against Food Intolerance

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Food intolerance is one of the key factors in flattening the midsection. If you are eating anything that is causing an imbalance in the digestive system, the body will protect itself by starting an inflammatory process. Most people begin to see results within days of eliminating foods that they are intolerant to.

Eliminate any suspected problem foods such as those containing processed dairy or grains.

How Food Affects Your Mood

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How To Cure Cravings

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