A Tight Muscle Is A Weak Muscle

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A properly executed stretching program will produce fast gains in golf performance and here is why:

Flexibility, strength, and power are intimately connected but flexibility is the gatekeeper to achieving optimal strength and power. Our body has a protective mechanism that does not allow it to move beyond a point that it is not strong enough to control. It can be likened to the parking break on your car.  For example a tight hip muscle will restrict hip mechanics during the golf swing. The tighter the hip muscle gets, the weaker it gets. Tightness begets weakness and weakness begets tightness. It is a perpetuating cycle that will continue until the muscle is properly stretched and balanced. A properly executed stretch will tell the body that it is ok to relax, thus “releasing the body’s parking break”.

Mastery of the Primary Golf Movement Patterns

KidneyTaps-smallWhen you break the golf swing down to its simplest form, it is a combination of the bend and the twist. But we both know
that there is more to it than that. If the bend and twist only involved one body segment we’d all be PGA pro’s. Golf is
Rotation! Every joint from the base of the skull to the ankle must be able to twist. The body must be able to bend and twist
gracefully without restriction.

Development of General Physical Preparation


Golf requires two types of training. General Physical Preparation (GPP) and Golf Specific Preparation (i.e. learning the golf swing). Your golf pro will teach you how to swing the golf club but if your body will not do what you are asking it to do, it will be difficult to take full advantage of what you are learning. If you want to make learning the skill of golf easier, General Physical Preparation (GPP) will clear the runway and allow you to take your golf performance to new heights.

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An Internal Focus


After committing to a shot, a good golfer then places the focus inward. In Monster Golf Swing program, the focus is inside ourselves and not the kettlebell. This allows for superior results. One example is that when doing the kettlebell swing, focus on rooting the feet through the ground rather than lifting the kettlebell with your arms.

Kneeling Lunge Stretch

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The hip flexors are a bit tricky in that they tend to be really tight or really loose. Either scenario can produce posture imbalances and or back pain. A dead giveaway that you have tight hip flexors is that you have a Donald Duck posture in your hips i.e. your butt sticks out excessively. On the other hand if you have a Pink Panther type posture where your hips project forward in relation to your shoulders you most likely will have loose hip flexors. If you perform the lunge stretch with proper form and do not feel the stretch deep in the groin area you may have loose hip flexors and will need to go to maintenance mode with the lunge stretch.

The Safe Application of Force

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When your body absorbs force, it responds by getting stronger. The challenge is getting the force through the body without trashing it. The kettlebell swing allows you to generate the same, if not greater forces as a vertical jump without your feet leaving the ground. This means you save your joints from wear and tear. You can train more frequently, which means that you will get stronger faster.

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Stability Is A Perquisite For Strength:

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Your golf fitness must be like a pyramid in that one phase builds on the next. In order to have optimal strength you must first build adequate stability.

Building Strength and Conditioning Reserves:

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Excessive grip tension will kill your golf swing. On the other hand, if your grip is too loose, the club will twist at impact or completely fly out of your hand.  So there has to be a happy medium. 

What if your ideal grip tension was a 4 and now after training with kettlebells it becomes a 2? In other words you will be using less effort to hold on to the golf club. Less tension mean more speed. More speed means more power. Now imagine this same result happening in your hips, spine, ribcage and shoulders. Well you don’t need to imagine it because that’s EXACTLY what’s going to happen in your Monster Golf Swing program.

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Improve Strength To Improve Consistency


Mar 26

In any sport the stronger athlete will always be more accurate and consistent with whatever task they perform. After a solid foundation of flexibility, mobility, and balance the development of strength is the next step in your golf performance objectives.

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Greasing The Groove:


The Monster Golf Swing program is designed to take advantage of two very effective strength training theories. They are greasing the groove (GTG) and synaptic facilitation. Here is a brief explanation of each technique and how they will help improve your golf performance.

Greasing the groove (GTG) suggests that by performing a movement pattern repeatedly you will get stronger because of movement efficiency. In other words by repeating the same movement over and over again, you will get stronger. Strength is highly dependent on the ability of the brain and nervous system to activate the muscles.  GTG speeds up this process dramatically by making the circuits or neuromuscular “grooves” more efficient.

Synaptic Facilitation emphasizes not training to exhaustion. By exposing your body to the same exercise in a low to medium dose (low sets and reps), you will get stronger quicker as opposed to training to exhaustion only a couple of times a week.

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