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Corrective Exercise|Back Pain: Straighten Out or Stiffen Up!

Lower Back Injuries



Joel E. Goldthwait states that “The nervous system is peculiarly protected by a bony covering against trauma from without, but is unprotected against mechanical trauma from within”. To expand this thought further, the musculoskeletal system fundamentally is unprotected from within. Mechanical stress is one of the key contributors to the onset or exacerbation of osteoarthritis. In plain English, this means that the majority of pain that people have is a result of the body being in poor position. When your body is out of place so to speak, nerves and blood vessels get compressed, waste products build up in a concentrated area and creates pain. If the thought of looking better and feeling better isn’t motivation enough to focus on your posture, then consider that it will help you get out of pain. With that being said, it’s not just about making your body as straight as you can. Taking your posture to the other extreme will create the same problems. The key is finding the balance or zero resistance point within your own body##


Four Tips to Squash the Cold and Flu Bug Before They Bite

Four Tips to Squash the Cold and Flu Bug Before They Bite.

By Terrence Thomas, Holistic Lifestyle Coach

The holiday season is upon us, which means food, parties, and of course the winter cold and flu. Spending time with family and friends is always fun and the holidays are meant to be a time of celebration and reflection. As exciting as the Holiday season is, it does come with its inherent stressors such as late night parties, excessive alcohol consumption and the wonderful holiday desserts. This is in addition to being right in the middle of cold and flu season. It is a bit ironic that the immune system will be suppressed at the very time that it needs to be at its peak efficiency.

In addition to colds and flu, consider that a large majority of health incidents such as heart attacks and strokes occur during the holidays. Studies have shown that the cardiovascular system is under great stress after a high fat meal. The arties actually go into spasm or constrict as a result of the excessive calorie consumption. If there is a pre-existing cardiovascular condition, a mega holiday meal can mean disaster for some.

I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t care what he says, I’m stuffing my face anyway!” Well I’m right there with you. However if you are going to play the game, you may as well know the rules. There are steps that you can take to help you navigate thru the rum cake and eggnog with minimal damage. With that said here are 4 principles that will give you a fighting chance at staying healthy during the holiday season.




Sleep; The optimal resting time is between 10:30pm and 6:00 am. This is the time of physical and psychological repair based on the body’s natural sleep and wake cycles. The time of physical repair for the body is between 10pm and 2am.You will be able to predict your likelihood for getting sick by the number of days that you go to bed late. The less time the body has to repair, the greater the chances of not being able to fight off infection.  Pace yourself when it comes to staying up late. If staying up late is unavoidable, a great way to catch up on lost “zzz” is to take 20 to 30 minute naps during the day. These naps are called “adrenal naps” because they are great for helping the adrenal glands recover from stress. The adrenal glands are very sensitive to sleeping patterns and they also play a major role in maintaining a healthy immune system. The adrenal glands are the body’s Vitamin-C reservoir and we must keep them healthy and strong to keep our resistance up.

Sugar; One (1) tablespoon of sugar will suppress the immune system for 4 hours. Consider that the average American consumes about 150 pounds of sugar per year. I truly believe that this one fact is the reasons for the increasing rates of disease.

Sugar consumption is a problem for most during any time of the year but it can be a significant source of stress during the holiday season. Just like sleep, choose your sugar battles wisely. If you plan on indulging, exercise can reduce the sugar spikes. Exercise will help shunt or redirect some of extra sugar into usable glycogen or muscle fuel. If you can time your workouts so that you are eating your sweets no later than 3 hours after the workout, you may be able to take advantage of this “sugar shunting” technique.

Another tip is to eat all the major food groups before you start on your dessert. When we expose our taste buds to a variety of tastes and textures, it creates powerful sense of satiety. This will prevent you from overeating when it is time for dessert. Sample the different foods that are available. If you can get a small green salad, a cooked vegetable, a protein source and a complex carbohydrate source, this will expose the palate to all the necessary tastes and textures to satisfy the appetite center in the brain. Eating in this manner will make dessert even more enjoyable in my opinion because it then becomes the “cherry on top” rather than filling in a nutritional deficit.

Supplements; The reality is that we will all indulge during the holiday. This brings with it the increased consumption “non-foods”.  Another name for non-foods is called displacing foods, which means that the body must expend its own nutritional resources to process the non-food.  An easy way to fill in the holiday nutrition gaps is through supplementation. Supplementation should be in a natural and whole food form.  Increase your intake of antioxidants to boost immune capacity and support the processing of non-foods.

Suppression Detection; early detection of a potential bug can save you days of sick time and missing out on the holiday festivities. At the first sign of a tickle in your throat or runny nose, begin to relax before the tickle becomes a full-blown cold. Being able to detect a cold or flu is simply about self-awareness. When you wake in the morning, notice if your nose is runny or if your lymph nodes are swollen. In regards to lymph nodes, if the lurking bug is a head cold, the nodes in the neck will often swell. A lung or “chest” cold will often cause the nodes in the axilla or “armpits” to become overactive. It is not uncommon for people to experience arm or should pain just prior to an infection. The point is to mind your body or your body will do it for you.

Keep these 4 tips in mind as you enjoy this holiday and winter season. As simple as they are, they will keep you in the game with a smile on your face and eggnog in hand.


Terrence Thomas draws from 20 years of experience in health coaching, and exercise instruction.  The author of “Get Fit Now and Feel Great Forever, his company Hallandale based Expert Fitness Solutions gives clients control over the way they look, feel and perform by teaching the 6 foundational principles of health, fitness and vitality. For your complimentary Holistic Health Inventory contact Terrence at 

A Novel Solution to the US Healthcare Crisis

Imagine yourself walking down the street and you see a crowd of people, let’s say 100 or so in an all out mele battle royal. Fists are flying, blood squirting and no one is having a good time. Many are not making it out alive. You see someone walking about 20 paces ahead of you trying to peek in to take a look and then innocently get sucked into the chaos.

Now at this point, you have a choice. You can let curiosity get the best of you or you can take a complete detour from the entire mess or keep a safe distance at best.

This story is a summary of what’s going on between the government, insurance agencies and the drug companies. They are all fighting to keep their share of the pie and do what they can to maintain the “status quo”. The quo is to deny people the right to decent medical care. Notice I did not say “health” care because there’s nothing healthy about it.

Despite the scare tactics on both sides to convince us one way of the other, there is one viable solution that we all can be apart of. That is the wellness revolution.

What if our senior citizens were not so dependent on prescription drugs because they are healthy and vital enough to be without. What if our children were fed a proper diet so they would not be given ADD meds to “cure” it? What if the six foundational principles of Thoughts, Breathing, Hydration, Food, Exercise and Sleep were mandatory subjects in schools?

What if we starting talking with our hard earned dollars so that junk food companies and big pharma will listen since the language of the mighty greenback is the only thing that they understand. If we don’t buy.. they will listen.

“You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one”.. (I couldn’t resist) but if we simply pay attention to the huge elephant in the room and stop dealing in BS, we can have the “healthcare” problem solved in 5 years with the above strategy.

Just some food for thought…

please share your thoughts and feelings about this..

Much Chi….

Chakra Heal Your Way To Financial Success


It was a great run but we knew it had to end. The recent decline in real estate and the volatility of the stock market is eliciting bona fide “root chakra” stress.
The word chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel.  Liz Simpson in her book Chakra Healing says, “These spinning vortices of energy are a part of the subtle energy system which forms the ancient Indian approach to healing our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves”.
You may be asking “What do chakras have to do with you losing your shirt on Wall Street or real estate”? Keep reading for the answer.
At the least common denominator, everything in the universe is energy. The chakra system allows one to use energy to their advantage and help them heal and evolve in any area of their lives (this includes finances). Liz Simpson also said that “Each of the seven chakras deal with different parts of a bigger picture and directs us to those areas where we may be functioning out of balance.

There is a strong connection between the chakras and our physical body. The human body is a dynamic energy channel and all parts are associated with the 7 main chakras. The root chakra is located right in the “nether region” between anus and genitals. Structures associated with the root chakra are bones (specifically the pelvis, legs and feet). Common physical problems associated with root chakra imbalance are lower back pain and “sciatica” (pain that radiates down the leg). If you look at the structure of the sciatic nerve you will notice that it looks very similar to the “roots” of a tree”. Symbolically and emotionally, the root chakra is associated with safety and security and anything that could be a threat to it such as a sudden drop in income or any of threat to one’s livelihood.
A very important organ connected with the root chakra is the adrenal glands. These are the “flight or fight” organs in the body and play a major role maintaining normal body metabolism. Typical signs of adrenal stress are; poor sleep quality, Inability or difficulty losing weight, not having enough energy unless stimulants such as coffee and sugar are consumed. Root chakra stress in any form places a stress on the adrenals. Chronic adrenal stress leads to adrenal fatigue. One of the most common symptoms and or complaints associated with adrenal stress is chronic fatigue.

Again you ask, “How can this information help me make more of the green stuff?” Finally we get to the point at hand.
The Sure Fire Investment
In these times of economic uncertainty, investing in one’s health and wellness will always pay major dividends in the future. The universal law of attraction says that to get what we want in life, we must first be in alignment with our goal. The higher your level of health and vitality, the greater likelihood that you will become an “energy channel” to receive all that you want.

As we become out of balance with the stress of everyday life, we create blockages that literally block our ability to bring into reality what we want. When we lack vitality our energy channels are blocked on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).
Whether it be the teachings of Napoleon Hill or through Hindu healing philosophy, these principles hold true in helping you achieve optimal health, vitality and personal success in whatever form you choose. To have more we must first become more and living a Holistic Lifestyle will help you along this journey.

The 6 Foundational Principles of Holistic Living
1.    Thoughts:
In the popular documentary “The Secret”, Bob Proctor stated that the laws of the universe dictate that we become what we think about the most. It is from your thoughts that everything in your life is created. This holds true for positive or negative events. When you can fully wrap your head around this concept, you will control your life like a puppet on a string.

2.    Breathe:
Life begins with breath. Proper breathing sets the rhythm for all other body functions. Daily breathing exercise will make you efficient at bringing energy into your body.
3.    Hydration:
Adequate hydration is the foundation of good metabolic functions. The body is predominantly made of protein and water therefore the body is very sensitive to dehydration.
4.    Food:
Eating according to one’s metabolic type will allow the body to achieve optimal levels of health and vitality. Metabolic Typing has proven effective in weight loss and improving chronic health challenges.
5. Exercise:
Life is movement and a corrective exercise program will teach you how to be a master of your physical body.
6.    Sleep:
Sleep is vital to maintaining normal biological rhythms, which can affect weight loss, pain management and even hormone levels. The closer our body ‘s natural rhythms are to that of the earth and nature, the better we can fully express ourselves as healthy and evolved human beings.

What is your dream? Whatever it is, these six principles are your ticket to achieving them. Embrace the Holistic Lifestyle philosophy and use it to take charge of your destiny. ###

Physical Excellence and Your Mind.. Make The Connection


Coaching clients for over 20 years, I have realized that the goal of physical excellence and body transformation is a shared goal, it seems that the path to achieving it is often quite different. Without exception, these separate paths are determined by their present mental state. I have found that clients who enjoy and embrace the process of becoming more fit have a more pleasurable journey towards feeling and looking better. However I have also discovered that clients who are only concerned with an end result have a more difficult time with their fitness journey.  They will encounter more obstacles along the way and the reason for this can be summed up in two words, core values. In other words their actions do not match with their deepest personal belief systems.
Achieving a great body is not a destination but rather a process that gradually manifests itself during your life. To view it any other way can potentially lead to misinterpretation of what you are be actually be striving for. A zero resistance way to see your fitness endeavors is to think of everything that you want to accomplish as a long highway composed of never ending experiences that you encounter along the way.
To make your fitness journey work in your favor, become aware of your perception of yourself as it relates to fitness.  In other words your mind and body must be on the same page. This sounds very elementary but the reality is that it is often overlooked.  Think about for a minute!  When you first started to exercise, what was your initial goal? Now take it a step further and ask yourself what was your mental perception of that goal? What did it feel like? Can feel exactly what it would be like when you had accomplished or encountered this experience? Did you set mental accomplishments for yourself that coincided with those of your present physical condition?  If you did not, I will assume that your journey towards physical excellence is being met or has met some stressful resistance. If you do not make a mental picture of what you want to do i.e. your goal, how will you ever be content with any progress that you have made.  One law of the universe states that you can never have what you deny. Enjoy the “pit stops” along your journey and you’ll build the mental emotional strength to keep going.
To make your fitness journey as enlightening as possible, decide what is it that you wish to experience.  This can happen only when your mind and body are in harmony.  Often times the physical aspect of fitness is emphasized which is normal considering that our society places great importance on the superficial.  With this thought in mind you ask yourself; will your FITNESS goal be enough?  Will your mind be in harmony with your new level of physical prowess?  This is a very important concept to ponder for a moment.  If your mind is not in place with our physical self upon achieving your objectives you may not acknowledge your accomplishments but rather than dwell on what could be or should have been.
Being happy with your present accomplishments is paramount to making your fitness journey enlightening and successful. The key to doing this is to absorb all of your experiences and learn from them be they positive or negative.

The Power Of Balance..


How many plates can you spin at once? Your job or business, significant other, hobbies and buddies can be a source of overwhelm if not managed efficiently. With that said, this metaphorical plate spinning is the key to the vault of happiness and personal fulfillment.
As human beings we are Holons, which comes from the Greek word holos, meaning “whole”. We are simultaneously a whole and a part. I’d like to share three ideas that will attempt to explain how embracing the holon philosophy can open up new doors of possibility and fulfillment in your life.

#1: Health, Vitality and your Mind:

Albert Einstein said “You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it”. I will take this idea a step further and say that you cannot change the mind that created the problem unless the chemical environment in the brain has changed. Dr. Candace Pert in her book Molecules Of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine explained how thoughts, ideas, beliefs and actions are all expressed as chemical cocktails in the brain.  Happiness, anger, fear and joy are all feelings or specific brain signals. Now here’s the million-dollar question. Where are your ideas are coming from? What are you feeding your body and in tern feeding the chemicals that feed your brain? What fuel are you consuming that is allowing your thoughts to exist?

If your thoughts are serving you, then do more of that. If they are not, then it’s time for a change in fuel source. How do you know if your thoughts are serving or helping you? To sum it up in one word, its STRESS. Think of stress as the signal that your mind is giving your body that they are not on the same page. When we are overwhelmed, it is an indication that the mind is causing you to produce a result that you are not happy with. To stay out of overwhelm is for your mind to be in line with your holon nature, your core beliefs, and your body.
The fastest and most practical way to change your brain chemistry is to take a look at your diet. The closer you are to eating for your metabolic type, the fewer obstacles you will have on your journey towards physical excellence.

#2 Wisdom:
Wisdom is knowledge combined with experience. Take your new thoughts and immediately apply them to some area of your life on whatever level that resonates with you.

#3 Self Expression
You have been given a magnificent vehicle in your human body. You have limbs so you can maximize your human experience. Your body was made to GO not stop. Take the energy of wisdom and convert it into emotion. Emotion is energy in motion. It’s wisdom in action.

The act of thinking creates electromagnetic fields or thought bodies. If you contemplate on what you are reading here, you are taking the first step in applying it to your life.  Consider these three ideas as you go about your daily life. Use them to keep the plates of your plates of life spinning in the direction of your choosing. ##