Blood Sugar


One of the signs of low blood sugar are mood swings and irritability. When blood sugar drops to critical levels, the body produces adrenaline
which activates the fight or fight response in the body. So if you find yourself losing you patience or feeling depressed at specific times of the
day (or multiple times), consider that it’s time to eat. #controlbloodsugar

Chronic Cumulative Nutritional Stress

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Respect the deadly concept of chronic cumulative nutritional stress. Every time you eat something that throws your metabolism out of
balance, it essentially make you sick at a cellular level. Now consider that happening 3 to 6 meals a day, 7 days week, 365 days a year and it
will become very obvious why people are getting sick and doing it earlier in life. #everymealcounts


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Just because a food is classified as “Healthy” does not mean it is the right food for YOU. What makes one man healthy will make another sick. The message is to know your individual needs and make the necessary adjustments.

Metabolic typing & Sport Performance


During ANY sport, keeping your blood sugar stable is the mandatory for maintaining peak performance.

Metabolism, Digestion and Weight Loss


Consider that abdominal obesity is a symptom of poor digestion. When food can’t be broken down and absorbed, the system gets backed up. This leads to autotoxicity (self poisoning) and the body’s protective mechanism against this is to create fat cells to wall off the poisons from killing your organs. Improve digestion to improve metabolism.