Exercise: Stretching For Your Health

Stretching is something that most people know is important but often times have trouble understanding how it make it work to their benefit. They stretch either because they want to increase their overall flexibility, want to maximize athletic performance or get out of pain. I also would like you consider stretching for health, which is more about balancing the musculoskeletal system to allow for optimal flow of energy throughout the body. Here’s how it works: the health of your blood vessels, lymphatic tissue and nerves are greatly dependent on the tension or lack thereof in your muscles, tendons and fascia. These structures allow for a free and un-inhibited flow of life force, whether it’s blood, or nerve energy. Therefore when you stretch, consider that your results are not just dependent on your ability to tie yourself in knots. It is more about freeing up any stagnant energy areas in the body. There are many types of stretching that we’ll touch on at a later point but for now, let’s focus on muscle stretching, on ligaments, and fascial stretching. There are different types and techniques that you can use to get maximum benefit, add balance to your body and to achieve optimal health. The type of stretching that you do will vary depending on your individual needs and your specific constitution.

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