Get control over your wrinkles

fightwrinkles Strong and supple collagen tissue is the key to having healthy and youthful looking skin. Collagen health is largely dependent on proper hydration, therefore if you are not drinking enough water (not tea or or any other flavored fluid) you are starving your skin. Secondary to staying hydrated is to manage cortisol levels. In times of stress the body produces large amount of cortisol, which drives the body’s metabolic process into what is called gluconeogenesis. In plain English, this is when your body uses protein for energy. This protein can some from ANY protein source in the body. Skeletal muscle, glands and organs including your skin. Research has shown that the collagen in the skin is one of the first to be sacrificed when cortisol levels are high. Any hopes of tightening up that saggy skin, reducing cellulite and looking younger are all dependent on hydration and stress management. #managecortisol

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