Sports Performance Training

At the elite level, small improvements in an athlete’s physical or technical abilities will translate into noticeable gain during competition. Physical Excellence’s High Performance Sports Conditioning programs will help any athlete get to the next level. The following are some of the advanced techniques that we use for our athletes.

Corrective Exercise
As Beryl Bender Birch stated in her book Power Yoga that sports do not get an individual in shape.  In fact, sports get people out of shape. Sports develop tight muscles and create imbalances because of repetitive training and uneven us of muscle groups, or uneven us of one side of the body.1    Corrective stretching and corrective exercise will optimize body mechanics and greatly reduce the likelihood of injury. These types of techniques are invaluable to an athlete who is in mid season or anticipating a championship event.

Neuromuscular Isolation
The nervous system is the driving force behind the muscles. Neuromuscular development techniques fine tune the body and increase efficiency on all levels.

Advanced Core Conditioning
Research shows that all movement emanates from the core and the arms and legs are just an extension of the body’s center.2  If the core is weak, the extremities will follow suit. Physical Excellence continues where most sports conditioning programs fall short. Athletes will learn techniques that will improve power, speed, shock and force dissipation.

Performance Protection
The goal of in-season physical training is to protect the gains achieved during the off-season and to make sure the athlete peaks at the right time of the season. Using advanced nutrition strategies, holistic recovery techniques and carefully planned work to rest schedules, our athletes consistently perform at their best.

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